29 de outubro de 2007

A sofia musical cita-me

Momentos para todos os gostos: alegria, tristeza, arrependimento, orgulho, o fim, a reconciliação e a dor de corno em geral. Tudo em músicas supimpas.

  • The time has come to change my ways / On this day I see clearly everything has come to life / A bitter place and a broken dream / And we'll leave it all, leave it all behind (Alter Bridge)
  • A wound gets worse when its treated with neglect (Stevie Nicks)
  • It's hard to take when love grows old / The days are long and the nights turn cold /when it fades away (Gary Moore)
  • I need a friend / Oh I need a friend / To make me happy / Not so alone (Black)
  • There's a thousand reasons / Why I shouldn't spend my time with you / For every reason not to be here / I can think of two / To keep me hanging on / Feeling nothing's wrong / Inside your heaven (Depeche Mode)
  • Things get damaged / Things get broken / I thought we'd manage / But words left unspoken / Left us so brittle / There was so little left to give (Depeche Mode)
  • Time after time we will try to understand / I don't know where we went wrong / but there's no use in holdin' on (Gary Moore)
  • Mir ist kalt, so kalt (Rammstein)
  • Don't lose any sleep tonight / I'm sure everything will end up alright / you may win or lose / But to be yourself is all that you can do (Audioslave)

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Pseudo disse...

Tu não andas nada bem lol...o que é óptimo para quem te lê :P